Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 14th, 2014

The Science Fair was recently held at the school.  Class 4 winners are:  Behavioral & Social Sciences – Lily Brown, 1st place, Nicholas Crasta, 2nd place, Ashley Pendleton, 3rd place; Biochemistry – Chelsha Myers, 1st place, Christopher Farrish, 2nd place, Paul Auttonberry, 3rd place; Botany – Bobbi Taylor, 1st place, Brittany Brewer, 2nd place, Jadyn Stone, 3rd place; Chemistry – Ronesha Tucker, 1st place, Zachary Moore, 2nd place, Trevor Talbot, 3rd place; Medicine & Health – Kionna Taylor, 1st place, Jon Bantugan, 2nd place, Walter Boyd, 3rd place;  Physics – Slade Kingston-Miles, 1st place, Hailry Randolph, 2nd place, Shamar Dorsey, 3rd place.  Class 5 winners are:  Behavioral & Social Sciences - Grace Bufkin, 1st place, Edward Auttonberry, 2nd place, Marshall Banks, 3rd place; Biochemistry – Elishia Howard, 1st place, Brittnei Vines, 2nd place, Alexis Drayton, 3rd place; Botany – Caroline Williams, 1st place, Yolanda Parson, 2nd place, Ruby Alexander, 3rd place; Chemistry – Shantesia Lockridge, 1st place, Marcus Williams, 2nd place, Tyler Smith, 3rd place; Earth, Space & Environmental Sciences – Dyamond Benton, 1st place, Evonte’ Shepard, 2nd place, Tatiyana Freeman, 3rd place; Engineering, Computers & Math – Mikkah Davis, 1st place, Keiyana Gaskin, 2nd place, Shelby Muirhead, 3rd place; Medicine & Health – Abrina Emerson, 1st place, Kynan Heath, 2nd place, Charity Davis, 3rd place; Microbiology – Nathan Fox, 3rd place; Physics – Chloei Fulgham, 1st place, Brendan Gardner, 2nd place, Hannah Emerson, 3rd place; Zoology – Austin Neihaus, 1st place.   These winners will be eligible to attend the regional science fair on March 20, 2015.  Coordinator is Sylvia Lamb.

The VHS Student Council sponsored a Penny Harvest to benefit the Warren County Children’s Shelter.  Students were asked to drop change and dollars into their English teacher’s orange bucket.  Winners will be announced later and the winning classes will receive a party. 

The following VHS Key Club members participated in the “Learn Program” at Vicksburg Intermediate:  Jayla Atlas, Trey Blackmore, Jazmine Green, Tyson Hardy, Daylon Jewitt, Katlin Levette, Tyler McDowell, Olivia Oakes, Dewayne Sims, Jada Sims, Jay Stirgus, Tyler Smith, Jadyn Stone, and Bobbi Taylor.

The VHS Family would like to thank the following students, “future” students, parents, and teachers for making their campus beautiful:  De’Andre Davis, Jessica Parson, Ashley Moore, Quincy Brown, Nicholas Johnson, Demetris Valentine, Zaria Neal, Austin Warren, Da’Marcus Darden, Raven Ross, Na’Keia Stewart, 1st grader Grace O’Leary of Dana Road, and 5th grader Taylor O’Leary of Vicksburg Intermediate; parent volunteers were Colin and Dannetta Crasta, Deborah Cooper, and Katrina Johnson; teacher volunteers were Sylvia Lamb and Regina O’Leary.

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